Welcome to the Newman Catholic Student Center Parish at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dear Members of the Newman Community-

I am writing to let you know that in consultation with Fr. Bill and on the advice of a few “snow experts” in NC, I have made the decision to cancel the 9am, 11am, and 7pm Masses at Newman on Sunday, January 8. Newman will be closed all day on Sunday.

The parking lot is a sheet of ice underneath the snow, and the snow removal folks are not able to get at the ice to make the driveways or parking lot safe for people to drive on, let alone walk across. Moreover, the sidewalks have yet to be shoveled (a town responsibility), and even when they do get cleared, they will likely also be a sheet of ice. With a high temperature tomorrow that will still be below freezing, I do not anticipate much, if any, thaw in the ice. So, please stay off the roads and remain in the comfort and safety of your home.

In my capacity as pastor, I am dispensing the faithful from their Sunday obligation for the weekend. I invite you to reflect on the readings for Epiphany, found here. And, in your charity, please pray for all those people who have been impacted by the winter storm, especially those who are without shelter from the cold or are still suffering the effects of Hurricane Matthew now compounded by the snow and cold.

Fr. Justin

The Newman Catholic Student Center Parish is a vibrant faith community located in downtown Chapel Hill—located right across from the Carolina Inn. Our primary mission is to spread the Gospel on campus and serve all Catholic students, faculty, and residents in Chapel Hill.
In addition to being a full Roman Catholic parish, we are an active campus ministry on UNC’s campus. We offer faith formation, service opportunities, sacraments, and community building opportunities for all Catholics who pass through our doors, including infants, children, teens, college students, and parishioners!

What time is…?

Mass at 5:00 pm
Dinner at 5:45 pm
Fun time after dinner
Confessions available before Mass and during the evening

Saturdays at 4:00 to 4:55 pm
During CCN
By appointment, with Fr. Justin or Fr. Bill

Note: Please see our Calendar for the most up-to-date information about Newman’s events for campus ministry and the parish.

Where is Newman?

How can I get there?

If you would like to drive to Newman, we have a parking lot available behind our Activity Center for visitors to the parish to use on weekdays. On weekends, both of our parking lots are reserved for parishioners to park for Mass (with limited parking available on UNC football Gamedays).
There is a Chapel Hill bus stop right outside Newman for the following Chapel Hill Transit routes: A, CL, CM, CPX, CW, D, DX, G, JFX, JN, N, NS, RU, T, and 420. These buses arrive regularly and often during the week and a few routes arrive on Saturdays or Sundays. Please see the Town of Chapel Hill website for routes, schedules, and updates.